Accelerate Corporate StartUps upon R&D investments

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Our Value Proposition

Accelerate Corporate StartUps upon R&D investments

We plug-in our entrepreneurship capabilities and agility, with our knowledge in Lean Startup applied to corporate StartUps and our experience bootstrapping the corporate ecosystem to accelerate any new business based on R&D, high uncertainty, high-tech or disruptive business model.


Lean StartUp

We have adjusted the Lean StartUp Method for Corporate Ventures based on R&D results. Lean StartUp trained us to break corporate rules and paradigms.

Agile culture

Our team is trained to face uncertainty, to be resilient, agile, walk the talk and make it happen. We are 10 times faster than our clients and we can spread this culture to them.


We met our clients secrets for future success and we can handle it with total reliability. We  unite dots between secrets and capabilities around clients to propose Big Bang Value for them.


Our Services

Rockets Launch Program (RLP)

We provide a base StartUp Team and StartUp Manager (astronauts) to flight a one year Corporate StartUp Program (Launch Platform). Our Clients provide resources, capabilities and a clear commitment policy to the program (Huston).

Astronaut Training

We have a Training Program to develop corporate entrepreneurship capabilities using the learning by doing science. This is a one year program for 100% dedicated teams that works and learn on real StartUps.

ETK University

We create a training program to build a certified profesional network of Corporate Entrepreneurs who can be candidates to lead future StartUp Projects and create positive change for their companies and the world.

Community & Events

We plan and host the Lean StartUp Conference for Medellín, the Corporate Lean StartUp Summit and the Business Lovers Meetings, to build strongest communities and shear the best practices and experiences.


  • Sebas

    CCO & Co.Founder

    Juan Sebastian Castrillón

    Co-Founder . Good Person . Serial Entrepreneur . Global Vision . Business Administrator . Active Citizen . Innovaholic . Business Developer . Technology Manager

  • Pily

    Futurologist & Co.Founder

    Maria del Pilar Mejía

    Co-Founder . Good Person . Serial Entrepreneur . Global Vision . Manufacture Engineer . Active Citizen . Researcholic . Perfectionist . Strategic Foresight. Futurologist.

  • Nico Perfil

    CEO & Biz Developer

    Nicolai Eslava

    Good Person . Serial Entrepreneur . Global Vision . Civil Engineer . Active Citizen . Creativehoholic . LEAN StartUp Pusher . Motivator . Inspirator

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    You, the entrepreneur

    We are looking for professional entrepreneurs looking for the opportunity to be part of great Corporate StartUps and launch big bang rockets to create positive change of the world


We are Entrepreneurs. Our Story.

We learned to figure out how to StartUp any thing. The Co-founders and CEO, has more than 30 years of entrepreneurship experience in diverse industries. Motivated by the opportunity to create positive change for the world, Co-Founders became great strategist for Technology Management, a perfect tool to design the change. Estratek was created to StartUp any positive change maker solution, but it is not an easy idea to roll-out in the market, and needed a start point. Since 2011, we began assisting the needs of 30+ very demanding customers. We have valued 45+ technology products, 30+ market validation for R&D products, 45+ Technology Scoutings, $250.000+ USD in business opportunities, 2.000+ research hours, 500+ consulting hours and 10+ well-trained big companies. After 4 years, finding and building the path, finally we won the reliability of a client to create the first Rocket Launch Program... Since then, our future have being build different.

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